Farhana Mannan


Since 2010, Farhana is involved in research and writing on and about education. She has bachelor degrees in computer science and engineering and education. She completed two Masters degrees in education and early childhood education. She has authored three books on education in Bengali. She is particularly interested in early childhood education, play-based learning, storytelling and parental interface. She is actively involved in social media awareness build-ups involving parents, teachers, and children.

1. Boyoshondhikal O Shikkha (Adolescence and Education, in Bengali)
Vasha Prokash, 2019

2. Ekush Shatak (Education in 21st Century, in Bengali) Adarsha, 2017
3. Shikkhok Shohayika, (Teachers’ manual, in Bengali), for ICT, class 8, IED BRAC University, 2015
4. Ekush Shotoker Dokkhota (Skills and teachers’ responsibility in 21st Century, in Bengali) Bangla Prakash, 2014
5. Nirisshor nondini (A write up on self-
reflection) Duende, 2012

6. Shukumar Britti (a collection of paintings, poetry and journal, in Bengali)
Pathak Shamabesh, 2010

Advisors of shoishob

Dr. Helal Uddin Ahmed

Assoc. Prof, National Inst. Mental Health, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Mohammad Shah Alam

Executive Director, Sisimpur, Bangladesh.

Farseem Mannan Mohammedy

Founding member, Bangladesh STEM Foundation

Mahmuda Akhter

Executive Director, ICHD Vice-chair, Bangladesh ECD Network.

Members of Shoishob



Humayun Azam Rewaz

Cultural activist

GM Rakibul Islam

Assistant Professor and Chairman (Acting) Department of Educational Administration Noakhali Science and Technology University


Writer & Government officer ( Press Information Department, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting)

Teachers of Shoishob play and learning center

Parvin Paru


Md. Kamrul


Shakti Noman

Art & model making

Farzana Akter Lima

Astronomy & Coding

Sanjida Amin Disha

STEAM based activity

Team Leader

Rubina Jahan

Clinical psychologist

Monira Rahman

Executive Director, Innovation for Wellbeing Foundation

Towhidul Islam

STEAM popularisation campaign

Our Intern

Abdur Rahman Sajal

October,2022 - March, 2023

Sanjida Amin Disha

October,2022 - March, 2023

Our Volunteers

Rohima Akther Mim

April 2023 - September 2023

Focused Area

Steam Practice

Workshop Activities

Mental Wellbeing

Gender & Sex education

Social Awareness

Future Plan

Steam Through Storytelling

Building Team

School Readiness

Food & Nutrition

Why ‘Shoishob’?

A cosy home and an appropriate parenting can ensure a beautiful childhood. Each child is different. So too is their home. Hence, variation in the mode of activity or play-time or having a quality time has to be engineered accordingly. It is to be appreciated that our parents need proper guidance on how to spend time on their children appropriately – before and soon after they start their schools. Shoishob has started its journey with a view to address this issue. Shoishob has already completed one year of activity-planning, and arranging sessions on parenting. Shoishob has arranged quite a few webinars on how to manage the challenges of covid-19 related situations and parents and teachers have been immensely benefited from these discussions.


What is ‘Shoishob’ doing now?

Shoishob ideas:

– Arranging workshops for children and parents / guardians;
– Arranging live streams on suitable child-rearing / -supportive topics on social media;
– Arranging STEAM-based activities in schools;
– Arranging live streams on STEAM-based story-telling and play;
– Arranging community-based workshops;
– Helping to assess the current scenario by continuing discussions with parents, teachers, kids and guardians.

Future ideas:

The core concept of Shoishob is to ensure a child-friendly environment at home and outside and all its aspirations are geared up toward achieving this single goal. Shoishob plans to help grow a science-oriented generation through proper training of the children by means of playful activities and story-telling.

Shoishob aims towards the betterment of children’s lives through:

– Preparing a child for new classes in their school;
– Preparing a child to learn various key life-skills;
– Creating awareness on gender issues and sex education;
– Introducing appropriate and child-friendly indoor games conducive to the development of sound mental health;
– Conducting STEAM-based project-oriented activity; learning through and story-telling with STEAM will help create citizen science when the child grows up.